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Replacement Speaker Options for Autocom 7 pin Headsets?


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I've only come across one brand of speakers available for use in helmets, Tork, but they do have three different models. Searching this forum didn't bring up anything different.


I'm looking for a thinner replacement speaker for my Autocom headset. I wear an XS helmet, and with so little room inside the helmet, I just can't seem to get the stock speakers from contacting my ears.


Does anyone know of any other alternative, or are the Tork models the only thing out there?

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Laney, if I recall you wear either a Shoei or an Arai. I can help you further recess the speakers in your helmet so that they are comfortable.


Contact me offline.

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Thanks, both of you. Steve, the speakers you linked to are Tork 1s, and they may be great, I just wondered if there are other options.


I'll send you a note Fernando! smile.gif

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