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R1150RT radio


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I'm thinking about purchasing a Garmin 2730 with satellite radio capabilites and was wondering if anyone has tried installing a radio and speakers on a R1150RT that was not pre wired for it and using an aftermarket radio and speakers? Any info is appreciated!

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Nabbed from a reply from Ken H to a previous question. BTW, Welcome!!!


There are a number of options, but some of us (myself included) would encourage you to consider a different route: On the bike sound systems are a compromise at best. Rather consider an in-helmet speaker system or better yet, in-ear noise reduction plugs with speakers. And an intercom such as Autocom or one of the other popular brands to mix all your sources together.


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I was going to start my own thread, but this seems to already be a start...


I've got the factory speakers with radio chassis, and an aftermarket radio in the chassis with a wired remote. Works fine, if I wanted to listen to radio. (Or cassette.)

But I hven't found a radio station worth listening to in years, and I haven't used a cassette in even longer...


I'm thinking of yanking the chassis out of the glovebox, and buying one of these:

Raw40 Amplifier

I wondered if anyone here had any first-hand experience with it?


My thought was to replace the in-dash speakers with better marine speakers, power them with the above amp, and run my old iPod through the speakers... (With the iPod powered directly from the bike, and just leave it in the glovebox.)


Anyone care to share thoughts/experiences?




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