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2014 Periwinkle R1200RT


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Mike, I meet you at the dealership Saturday. I’m next on the list, hope to have mine this week. I just responded to your earbud question, hope it helps.


Congratulations and best of luck with the new steed.




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Hi Tallman,


LOL! I'm not a fan of blue bikes (for me personally; some history there) so I asked the granddaughters what color they saw in the pictures & was told "periwinkle".


I'm pretty sure they had some help from the grandmother... :)

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Hi Pat! :wave:


Sorry not to have responded sooner; we've been out of town.


With some additions, what follows is a copy of the missive I sent to a fellow rider after the first 200 miles.


To start with,


I'm super pleased with it; great purchase, no regrets. Not to say there's some "getting use to" going on. :) Here you go, with the caveat "YMMV":




Hi John,


Sorry I haven't responded sooner; I just plain forgot! I'm getting more & more absent-minded; growing older is a pain in the butt.


Thanks for your good thoughts; I really like this bike. Much, much different then any previous RT I've ever ridden.


First impressions:


* Fast!! Extremely well balanced; feels much lighter then my '11 RT but it isn't.


* "Twitchy"; throttle-by-wire takes getting used to. This bike is very quick; exceptional mid-range power, sits lower then I expected

You'd like that I think; kind of like your bike but w/o any forward lean.


* Mirrors vibrate, smaller too. That surprised me. Also, can't use bar backs/risers. Everything, & I mean everything is controlled by

a wheel on the left handlebar, way more then previous RT's. Spin it & watch the dashboard light up like a scoreboard, everything

from tire pressure & radio stations to engine temperature and shock settings. And so much more...


* Wind screen is solid, with small wings on each side to help defray the air. And the seat is, at least so far, comfortable!

Absolutely no room underneath the seat for anything larger then a pack of cigarettes. Where to put the Centech fuse panel!


* BMW changed everything, from grip size (smaller; "Grip Puppies" just spin on them) to brake lever/foot stand size. So all the

old ""farkles" don't fit!! Aggghhh!!


Surely more then you want to know but it's fun sharing with you. I like this bike but truth be told it's a little intimidating. I'm hoping to grow in to it, but gradually. We'll see.


That's it for now. Hope to see you soon,





To the above & after more miles I would add:


* "Twitchy throttle" as much me as the bike; some arthritis in the right hand makes me a tad less sensitive. Another Wethead owner posted leaving it in "RAIN" mode to get use to it; I think that's a great idea!


* Subjective comment (aren't they all!) but I seem to notice more air flow up thru the forks. Also feel more wind on arms & top of the helmet. Add to that the knees sit at a slightly increased angle, at least for me. The day I picked it up I rode it 40 miles home, dismounted & called the dealer to order the "tall" seat. Also, I think a higher (hopefully Cal-Sci.) wind screen is appropriate. Maybe peg lowering kit?



That's it for now; would like to comment again in say, another 1K miles. LOL!


This bike is noticeably different (in a good way) and I think will be a great favorite of RT fans.


Be safe,



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* "Twitchy throttle" as much me as the bike; some arthritis in the right hand makes me a tad less sensitive. Another Wethead owner posted leaving it in "RAIN" mode to get use to it; I think that's a great idea!


I'd like to hear more about the throttle. My only experience with throttle by wire is in my wife's Camry and I find it difficult to get a smooth start. There is a very abrupt jump from idle as soon as you touch the pedal. I can only avoid a jerk by being extremely gentle and slow. Is the RT like that or is it just sensitive overall?

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Hi Larry,


It's not that bad, really. Had a Triumph 800 Tiger XC & found it to have a very sensitive throttle-by-wire & sure enough, six months after introduction Triumph provided a "fix" for it. I'm sure if this were a notable issue w/BMW's more folks then just me would be posting about it.


Specifically, throttling out of a low-speed turn has been problematical; just can't get the "smoothness" I prefer. There are so many contributing factors; the '14 RT grip is smaller (less diameter - my old "Grip Puppies" just spin away on it! n.b. Size "small" Grip Puppies work perfectly, have to cut then a little shorter is all. Bought some @ California Sport Touring, Inc. So desperate for a farkle I put them on! :grin: ), my arthritic hand limits "feel" and throttle-by-wire does takes some adjusting to.


Not a deal breaker; this is a fantastic machine. "Revolutionary change: 2004/5 R1150RT to 2005 R1200RT. Evolutionary change: then to now. The 2014 R1200rt is to the Hexhead & Camhead what the 2005 R1200RT was to the Oilhead. Not just technically but in the sense it is a different riding experience. For me anyway. Jury's out on if it's better; we'll know in a few years.


Let the farkling begin! Seriously, I wish somebody would introduce some extended crash bars.....



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Thanks, Mike. Sounds like it is mostly a matter of getting used to different responses to your accustomed input. I really like the most of the changes to the 2014 RT. I was kinda hoping that this might be more of a deal breaker. My '06 really exceeds what I need and has 98% of what I want. Guess I'm looking for excuses to put off trading up for a year or two.


Need better color choices. Yeah, that'll do...

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