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DarienLight Pants


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Considering a pair of Stich DarienLight Pants for easy on/easy off overpants for warm weather riding. Any DarienLight users care to comment/recommend them for said purpose?

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I have a pair and wear them in all but winter time. They are very comfortable, but I usually wear them over long johns, not another pair of pants. Fortunately, I've not had a get-off while wearing them. Although the knee and (optional) hip armour are very good, I really doubt that the thinner Cordura would be very abrasion resistant when compaired to the material in the standard Darien/Roadcrafter.


I also have the Darien light jacket in a light tan color. In hot weather it is MUCH more comfortable than my standard Darien jacket, but again, while the armour is first-rate, I have doubts about abrasion resistance.


Both the light Darien jacket and pants are just as water-proof in a downpour as the regular Darien. So, these are my choice for all-round summer touring.



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I bought a Darien Lite jacket & pants in 99 after buying my RT! When I bought the 01GS, I found the the lack of weather protection that the RT gave me caused pain from heavy rain & hail on my arms & shoulders! I ended up buying the Regular Darien Jacket & Pants when they had the free backpad offer! My opinion is to buy the Regular Pants the first time $ save $300 especially because they're the same price! I still use the Lite's for around town, but the Reg's out on the road no matter how hot it is!

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I've worn them as cold as 25F with long under wear and sweats the day did warm up quickly to 45-50F. Usually wear them over jeans. Kept me dry in moderate rain for about an hour.

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