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Installing Stebel air horn on K 12 RS


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I hated that P.O.S. Stock horn the RS had & really wanted to install something really good.I researched and found the Stebel Compact air horn it measures about 4" x 5" x 3".Where the "F" are you gonna put this you say.Well on the left side under the skin with the old horn & bracket removed you place the horn right up on the metal bracket that accepts the turn signal pod .I drill a 5/16 " hole then mounted the horn there w/ a bolt & stop nut,I tie wrap a small piece of aluminun over the oil line where the horn slightly touches just in case of vibration occurs.You cut off the BMW electrical conection crimp on two angled slip ons ,attach to horn conections and thats it.

139 DB's later I am very happy with this horn,it adds a touch of class to a really nice bike and blows 4 wheelers right out of your lane when there cutting you off.

I have done this install on many K 12's with great results.

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sO wHERE aRE the pictures...??


We Need pictures and links to buy this new farkle.!!


Let us in on these goodies, bubba.

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