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Does anyone have any experience with Cycleport's Kevlar pants and Jackets? I have a problem with a big gut blush.gif and a short inseam (29 inch). I could chop 6 inches off most pants and still have them a little long!

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I have the Cycleport/Mmotoport UltraII kevlar suit. The suite can be custom made to your dimensions. Refer to their web page for instructions. In my case, I went to the shop in Escondido, CA. for measurement and for trial after completion. I also bought mine with the insulated liners. Most versatile suit I have ever owned.

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I have the air mesh and I agree with sagerider. Everything is custom made.

I went to the web page for info and then went to a local tailor to get measured. I then sent the measurements to Motoport and they made the suit based on those measurements

I love my gear especially in the hot months.

However I don't really like the liners. the pants and jacket feel a little bulky to me with them in.

i ma looking at a roadcrafter for the cooler temps.

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I have the short jacket and pants, I like the fact that a hot weather suit is offered in a color other than black. I found the knee armor somewhat uncomfortable so I replaced it with T-Pro armor. I also would rather have armor over the hip prominence as opposed to the thigh. Although the liners work well (I have the non-insulated) it's much easier to buy a rain suit rather than take off the suit and zip in the liners and put everything back on. I have a different set up for riding in cooler days. A word of advice, order WAY before you want it. Even with proper measurements results may not be. My jacket had to be sent back to lengthen the sleeves by 1 1/2 inches and the liner's sleeves were 6 inches too short, all from the same measurements! Their customer service lags behind their product. Would I buy it again, yes, because I don't think that their is another hot weather suit that offers that level of protection.

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