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12RT BC Computer: Miles to Empty?


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Has anyone gone beyond the 0 point on "Miles to Empty" as indicated on the 12RT BC Trip Computer? I've been close to 0, but could only fill the tank with about 5.5-6.0 gallons. Specs indicate 7.1 gallon tank. confused.gif

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Yes, Roadjunkie,

I ran 48 miles past 0 on mine and it still wasn't empty. It usually takes 5.8 gals at the 0 point and running another 48 miles it took 6.8. That, by the way was 321 miles on that tank. The 0 point seems to mean you are starting your 1 gallon reserve.




Carl Kerns

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According to the owners manual, the R1200RT holds 7.1 gallons of fuel with one gallon reserve.

The zero indication means that the fuel level is now on "reserve", approximately one gallon remaining.

Have ran mine 35 miles past zero.

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To RoadJunkie - There's a lil rubber thingy in your gas cap that stops you from filling up all the way. Stick your finger down the filler hole & you can remove it easily. Now I can run 365 miles, get 50 mpg and put in 7.1 gallons. I've only ridden about 25 miles past the empty "----" indication on the BC.

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I have an '05 RT and the Rider's manual says the following. It doesn't seem to agree with what you guys are saying here. Are you guys riding '05's or '06's and does your rider's manual state the same as below?


On Board Computer Risidual Range (Page 40)

"Risidual range is calculated on the basis of your style of riding and the amount of fuel left in the tank; the reading indcates the estimated distance you can travel before the fuel supply runs out."


Fuel Reserve (Page 24)

"General warning light lights up yellow. Fuel reserve symbol is displayed and flashes 10 times. The fuel tank contains a fuel reserve of a maximum of 4 liters. The onboard computer shows the estimated residual operating range."


The Fuel Reserve warning display shows up on the screen with about 70 miles remaining according to the on board computer on my bike. Next time I fill up I'm going to check the range shown by the on board computer and I assume it should say appoximately 350 miles (7 gallons X 50 mpg).

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They`re just trying to keep you from running out of fuel.

When the BC shows --- you can ride approximately 40 miles.

I have 3 times and have had no problems. 6.5, 6.8 gallons to fill it up. thumbsup.gif

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We had a 50+ degree day yesterday so I finally got more miles on my RT than riding it home from the dealer in Dec. I put gas in it for the first time yesterday. Had planned to stop, but oddly enough 200 yards before the driveaway of the gas station, the yellow warning triangle lit and said I was low on fuel. I was only able to add 5.46 gallons. I did notice what some folks have mentioned here about gas splashing up, but when I stuck the nozzle way down in so the vapor catcher covered the opening, that wasn't a problem. But, with the neck that sticks way down into the tank, it doesn't want to fill to the top. I removed something similar on my 03 K12GT. I'm guessing this thing prevents sloshing of the gas against the cover when you're moving? Anybody removed it? If so, can you get more gas in after the reserve light comes on?

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Here goes uk 05 bikeI have run it down to 10 miles and have got 25.5 Ltr's in the 27 ltr tank. So if the bike is doing about 11 miles to a ltr it will not go past 0 miles. But have to say once the yellow light comes on it feels like it is drinking petrol a lot quicker. You can remove the rubber ring from the tank without doing any harm just makes it quicker to fill up.

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