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Neil Kolby (Jeepster)


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On Monday, Dec. 2nd, Neil Kolby (Jeepster) Passed away from a 8 month battle with cancer.


We met at the BMW So. Cal Coffee Klatch meeting which we both found on this BMW SportTouring forum. He and I learned that we had much in common and began riding together and shooting at the gun range.


A quiet, clever, gentle, man, he will be missed by all that knew him.


RIP ... Ride well dear friend.

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Thanks for letting us know.

Often I wonder what has become of board members that stop contributing.


Sorry for his family's and your loss.


Ride in peace Neil.

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Sam, I am so very sorry to learn this, but thank you for letting us know. My sympathy to all who knew Neil. It's heartbreaking to know how fast we can lose one another.


His last post, 4/19/13, consisted of this:






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He will be missed... :(


I remember coming to one Koffee Klatch and Neil looking up at me and saying, "Hello Mr Affable. How are ya?"


The thing was... he meant it.


Prayers sent for his family and those close to him.

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I don't recall if I met Neil prior to my 5-yr hiatus in WA, but I did meet him as I reconnected back through the SoCal Koffee Klatch. I learned he was ill, but his passing came so quickly after the last time I saw him. I'm sorry I didn't have the time to get to know him better. I think I would have been better for it.


Rest in Peace, Neil.

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I really liked neil, tall quiet real friendly, I/we will all miss ya , sam brought your hat in honor and memory of you and I hope sam will always bring it to our monthly table as our unspoken memory to neil. RIP Neil

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