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I use TomTom on my IPAQ PDA regularly. I have the PDA mounted on the RT using a RAM mount and power it from the accessory socket on the dash.


Audio is fed into the Autocom and works really well. I also use the PDA for MP3 music at the same time.


The only possible drawback will be in extremely wet weather and when riding at slow speeds when the natural protection of the screen is less, with the chance of the PDA getting wet - not happened to me yet. (Anyone found a waterproof cover for a PDA???)


Definately a cheaper option than a dedicated GPS. I also use it for sat nav in my car.



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For waterproofness, look at Otterbox


I can't compare to TomTom, but my GPS10 has been excellent. My one complaint is with Garmin's Que pda software. You can't download routes from PC to pda. You can transfer waypoints, maps and tracks both directions, but not routes. Its really only a minor inconvenience, as if you transfer all the waypoints, it will create the same route and usually doesn't take very long to do so. I still have found Garmin's navigation software to be the best of the several I've tried.


The GPS10 transmits in Garmin's format for use with the Que software, but will seamlessly switch to NMEA if you want to use it with other navigation or mapping software.

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Actually, that sounds like a bonus. Too many packages (Streets & trips for one) do all the planning on the pc, and just display static routes on the pda.


Having a fully functional package on the PDA is a great feature.

How did you mount your Otterbox?



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