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tire change, and Mitch's bar


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well about 1.5 years ago, I bought the equipment to do my own tire changing. the cheapest around me at the time was about 25.00 per tire. Or the excellent Ken's tire shop 15.00 bucks per, but 1 hour one way ride. Right after getting all set up and actually pretty good, cycle gear moved in, about 7 miles from my house, 12.50 per tire. I was in heaven. But I kept all my gear, and even ordered one of Mitch's bar


Well now Cycle gear is up to 21.00 per tire. So I get Mitch's bar, and break out all the gear again. This was my second tire using Mitch's bar. Taking the tires off is so easy, and no damage to the rim.


I still have a little trouble installing the tires by myself, but with a little effort I got the second one with only my effort.


So thanks Mitch, I know it was a lot of trouble making these, and I think you still have some left, so if anyone has any ideas aboout doing their own tire changes, get a Mitch bar.


And Mitch if you still have some left, I would like a second as a back up. It is that good.

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Yes I agree that Mitch's bar is that good. thumbsup.gif I have changed allot of tires. I purchased someone Else's with a tire change jig and it`s the worst I have ever used. dopeslap.gif I paid the same amount for Mitch's and have found it to be the best I have used. grin.gif If you have ever replaced your own tires this little GEM will make your life EASY. clap.gif

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Joe Frickin' Friday
What the heck is a Mitch's Bar and where do I see a pic of one or buy it?



Please check my sig line (below) for a link. thumbsup.gif


Randy, can you tell me more here about what trouble you're having putting the tires on? Maybe I can offer some suggestions.

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