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Overfilled Oil...


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OK, I screwed up... I couldn't see oil in the D&%$#d sight glass even after the 'run the bike, park it on the side stand for 5-10 minutes, then put it on the centerstand' routine. So I poured in some oil. Ran it. Still couldn't see anything in the glass. (grrrr, why can't there be a simple dipstick?) So put in more oil and the next thing I know is it's pouring out the top. blush.gifdopeslap.gifblush.gif


What should I do now? Just ride it? Drain it first?

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How much oil did you add?? I think you'd have to add a huge amount to have it overflow from the fill cap. Did the hole itself overflow or just the funnel. It's possible to block the end of the funnel depending on how you position it down in the fill hole.

Are you due for an oil change? Might be a good time to change oil and get a handle on how much is in there. Otherwise just open the drain plug and remove the excess.

I sometimes have trouble seeing the oil level too, especially on a sunny day without a flashlight to illuminate the sight glass behind the tupperware.

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I suggest draining it...otherwise your going to end up with a bunch of it in your airbox...Don't ask me how I know.


And it will adversely affect your MPG and performance. Those parts in there need room to MOVE! grin.gif


Yeah that sightglass is a pain



Good luck



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OK, this is the least sloppy way and will save the load of oil you have in the sump.


Bike on center stand. Remove the oil filter, pour off the oil inside it and replace. Start the bike and run it for 15 seconds or so and then shut it down and check the level. This way you won't heat up and get the oil cooler involved.


Repeat, as needed, till your oil level is just below the top of the sight glass.


Think of the lying down to remove the filter and then getting up to start the bike then kneeling back down to check the level as pennance for your logical failure. The sump has 4 quarts, total. You can easily run around with a quart low and do no damage to the engine. If you were filling on the center stand, you probably put another 3 quarts or so in there. Next time, add oil 8 oz at a time.


Hint. Most camping stores sell little 8oz fuel bottles or you can use a very thoroughly rinsed shampoo bottle to store some oil in your saddle bag. Then you can do what many here, myself included, do. Check the oil on the side stand. If you see oil in there, you are good to ride. If you start to see some air above the oil, while on the side stand, pour in the 8oz and go riding.

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the next thing I know is it's pouring out the top.
Are we understanding you correctly, you put so much oil in it that it is overflowing out somewhere? Like out the oil fill hole?


If so, DON'T attempt to start the bike! You will hydro lock it with oil causing massive internal damage.


Maybe you were just using a figure of speech though. In which case - never mind.

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