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R1100R Top Case options


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Hi all,

I'm new to BMW and recently picked up a 99 R1100R. The bike came complete with side bags, but I'm interested in what my options are for a top case. What's available out there? So far about all I've been able to find is Venture Aero-Packs.


Thanks, Kevin

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GIVI used to make a rack for the R1100R but discontinued it because it required relocating the carbon cannister lower causing it to interfere with the full suspension travel. If you can find a used one and don't mind removing the carbon cannister, they are great. Also, they may have only stopped importing them. You might look for European GIVI distributors for one. G&G Technik makes a rear rack which will mount the R1100RT 33l topcase, available from Eurotech Only ready made solutions I know of, you could have a custom adapter made to mount most topcases if you know a reasonable machinist.

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i used to own a r1100r and went throught same process.

hepco becker is the only mfg making a rack:

you want part #

650.621.01.01 (see attcahment for pic)


http://www.eurotechmotorsports.com/index.cfm OR



as for a box i used a hepco journey top box



these are also nice for the feet:



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I made my own rack, copied it from a rack that used to made by someone in Salt Lake City I think. I saw the rack at a rally, took some pictures. I can find them if you want. It was fairly easy to build.


Most top box mounting plates will require that you have a luggage rack in place, the mounting plate then fastens to that. The BMW luggage rack is just a bit less than $300.


On that rack I first had a top case from J.C. Whitney, worked real well but I then found a Givi top box that is slightly larger so I have that now. Both top boxes come with a plate that bolts on almost any rack, then the boxes are snapped on the plate and lock in place so you can just pop them off and carry them inside with you.

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