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Question about Wilber Shocks


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I have a 2003 R1150RT and I think it's about due for shocks with 30,000 miles. From what I have read I am convinced the Wilbers are the right choice for me. Question is regarding the model 640 verses the 641. Klaus with Wilber gave me a lot of information and I understand the differences between the two. I would like to hear from anyone who has experience with how they perform, and can give me the pros & cons of each.

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They're top notch. To me why I bought "Willy's",cuz they seemed a little better quality (remote preload/compression) than the Ohlins even tho I had Ohlin's on my airhead.

Most people agree it's more of a price thing between the two brands than anything else.

Almost like asking whats better Coke or Pepsi...


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My question is more about the differences, advantages, etc., between the model 640 and 641 rear shock. I am already sold on the wilbers.

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With the 641's you can go crazy looking for the best feel for the road and second guessing yourself.

That is after you get the hose in just right at initial installation.

With the 640's you will only wonder if you should have bought

the 641's.

I would still go 641 over 640 again.

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