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Strobe / Wigwag system on 1200rt


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I do some marshaling for the USCF and was wondering if anyone has installed any of these systems on there bike.

I had a GSA that I had put a wigwag on 2 sets of fog lights but was wondering if anybody used any of the whelen strobe kits?

and what wattage bubs I should use so I dont melt any of my plastics....


i was thinking of drilling into the light housing to install the strobe kits...


I know the RTP's have a stobe setup but was going for something a little more hidden

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I'm familiar with the USCF and I know what your looking for.


Gall's, Federal Signal, and The Light House Inc. all carry strobe kits including the bulbs and sending units. I've installed many of these kits on vehicles and it's very easy. The strobe bulbs require a 1" hole in the light housing and heat is not an issue. The sending units are programable for several flash patterns. If you want to go the extra mile, a 100 watt electric horn kit is available too. If you choose to install either, use them only while in service for the event or you will be cited if used otherwise. Both of these systems are for emergency vehicles only and not intended for civilian use.


The basic kit is a four point strobe system which should serve your needs. A six point sending unit is available for about 50 bucks more. Use clear strobes installed in your light housings for the best illuminosity and the lens will display very well.


The bulbs are about 1-1/4 long and as I said, require a 1" mounting hole so do some homework for the locations before purchasing. Also the shielded wire from the sending unit to the bulb socket requires a 3/8 diameter cable so fitting this system on a bike is going to take some carefull planning for cable routing.


good luck,

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Have you seen or worked with the WHelen TIR 3 & TIR 6 LED units? They seem pretty neat, not that hideaway though.


The unit have the everything built in, 10 flash patterns and a Synch wire so you could hook up multiple units...


I have been flip floping on the LED and the Strobe hideaway kits....


Thanks for the reply....

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For most applications on a service vehicle, strobes are used in six locations. One each corner in the front and two each corner in the rear. Led's are used as a supplemental display. The problem with using a led system on a bike is that you'll need to determine where and how to mount the fixture. The upshot of the most popular LED systems is that they are self contained, meaning no power supply unit is required. You simply pick out your required display fixtures and mount them, then run the wiring to a power source and switch. LED systems use less wattage while in service, but that shouldn't be an issue because you will be in motion while in use. Service vehicles will sit for hours holding an intersection or perimter while parked. Usually they will keep the engine running but I use dual yellow top Optima batteries in my vehicle and have left it stationed for hours while maintaining an intersection.


If there is room I would use a strobe system in your existing light housings for your application. You can mount the sending unit under the rear tailsection and run power to it, and then switch the system, and run the cables to the lenses of your choice. The strobes are plenty bright enough for your needs at your bike racing events.

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