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SAENG PRODUCTS do they work ???


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Got my first ride today on my new to me Triumph Trophy 1200 and other than this is a fast motorcycle the wind noise almost tore my head off.

Has anyone had any good results with Saeng micor swril edging or winglets.

Do you recomend this product ?

Will it make for a less noisey ride ?


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I've used the swirl edging. If your windshield height is lacking by two or three inches max, it works ok. I put a new seat on my airhead RT which raised my head a bit into the airstream. The edging knocked the airflow up enough to quiet things down

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Jerry Johnston

To put it in terms that you'd apreciate, I've heard Saeng Prod. work about as well as hugging sheep to stay warm.


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I use it on a CBailey's screen, previously on an aeroflow screen. I find that it adds about an inch to the pocket, but also that in the lowest position, the air coming at my helmet is much smoother than without it. in fact, i would not ride with it in the low position without the edging. It is expensive however, but it is on its 2nd bike and 3rd windscreen now, so it holds up. just my experience, your's may be different.


tom collins

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I tried it on both my crusier and RT.

On both, it didn't seem to make any difference on the wind flow, places a big black streak across your view and was ugly so I took it off.

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I used the edging on my ST1100 and it made a little bit of a difference, but very little. It's not going to transform a situation where you're getting your head ripped off into one where you experience an envelope of calm, gently swirling air. At best, it might be like adding an inch or two to the height of a windscreen.

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