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Best tires for R1200RT??


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I am sure this has been discussed but I am looking for the latest intel. I want to replace the stock tires on my 05 1200RT with something sportier. I am not really concerned about ride comfort, just the best handling tire I can get (cost not being an option). I have heard good things about Metzlers. I currently have the D220 Dunlops. When it comes to buying tires for my cars I am an expert, for the bike, i have no clue dopeslap.gif

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I tried the Metzler RoadTeck Z6`s. I like the wear and handling. As a matter of fact I just put a set on my 06 Ducati MultiStrada and they work great. I like them so much I can`t bring myself to try the others. Quite, great handing and ride comfort. No tire scalping/cupping.

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If you really want a sport tire on there try the M1 Sportec. Got all the stick you can possibly use. A little slower to heat up though so keep it in mind.


I'm not sure what your aiming for here though. Almost any of the good sport touring tires will offer you all the traction you can use on the street. Other things will tend to limit corner speed much sooner than the tires will run out of traction. Things like common sense, self preservation, hard parts touching down, little stuff like that.

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I put the Michelin Pilot Powers on my R1200RT just before I took it to the track. They physically feel (with your fingernail) soft and sticky, and perform beatifully, though I had to jack the pressures up a little higher then I used with the OEM Dunlops. As a bonus, they seem to be wearing much longer than I expected -over 3000 miles now with over half the tread depth remaining front and rear.


Good luck - it sounds like there will not be a consensus among us for this question - there are probably several good choices.



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