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Cylinder head protection??


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I haven't tested mine but I've talked to enough people to know the BMW protectors are pretty much useless for anything other than a garage tip over. Has any one tested the aluminum protectors in a low side slide? If so how did they hold up. I'd like to add some protection the the my RT but really don't want to spend $350.00 for engine an engine guard. The Touratech aluminum covers look sturdy but I'm wondering just how great they can hold up using the small {6mm ?] bolts the secure them? Also are there and rubber pieces between the Touratech guards and the head to prevent the protector from contacting and damaging the head?

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I just put the BMW aluminum ones on mine. I obviously haven't put them to the test, but I think they'd do fine in a tip over or drop, but based on how they mount, not sure how they'd do in an extended slide. My buddy also bought an RT the same day as me and he just ordered the Wunderlich crash bars. He is just getting back into biking after many years away from it and felt they would give him a little more peace of mind in protecting his investment.

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I have those cylinder guards. I don't have a low side story, but my brother dropped my RT in a parking lot while practicing figure eights, and the guard did its job. Here is my take on this. If you drop your bike at low speed, you are still going to scratch your side case, mirror housing, and possibly your brake lever, and the cylinder guard. So as far as protecting the asthetics of the bike, I don't know.


The guard did bend in a few millimeters, but not enough to touch the cylinder head. If the bike had dropped more forcefully, I can surmise the guard would have totally bent and smashed the cylinder head, but it is just a flat piece of aluminum so, it may prevent punctures, which is what I think it is intended for. I think the plastic ones would do as good of job in a low speed drop. So, why did I get them? Because I asked for them as part of my deal when I bought the bike.


Sorry I couldn't give you more info as to what happens in a low side, and I hopefully will never have to.

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