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Yeeha, a new RS


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Hi all,

Some may remember my pre xmas postings, where I was gathering info on the R1200ST. I have a K1100RS-93 and am planning a trip around Australia with a few friends in May June this year. We are planning about 16000 Klms (10000 mls). Started me thinking dopeslap.gif what a wonderful "bonding" trip to do on a new bike, thumbsup.gif or is the "trusted" K1100 the smarter call? crazy.gif


Anyway, test rode the ST a couple of times, AND loved it in many ways thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif ....BUT. .. just could'nt help wanting the smooooothness of the K. ......SO............got a K1200RS. clap.gifthumbsup.gif


Geeez, I even got the same colour as the 1100.

The new one is all the things I loved about my K1100RS, just heaps better. And as a bonus, my girl found it the most comfy for her.... wife happy=life happy cool.gifcool.gif

Hopefully I will pick it up on Saturday.


So I'm looking forward to sorting out all the little bits, and that "bonding ride" is just around the corner.


Now that I have bored you all with my little story, confused.gif I want to thank all the folks that posted and sent comments following on from my earlier posts. clap.gifclap.gifclap.gif

A big thanks, the info network here helped me greatly, and Im sure to bore everybody a little more in the future.


PS, I noticed there was one or two guys from the land of Oz. I'm doing a lap of the island soon, so if your on the way, maybe we can have a beer?


cheers all

Marty from Oz

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Congrats on your new bike. I too made the move a few years ago from a K1100RS to the K1200RS and haven't regretted the move for a minute.


I also ride two up most of the time and my SO also appreciates the improved pillion position for her. One downside was losing some luggage capacity on the left pannier but we soon sorted that out with a Givi 46l rear case.


I guess by now you will also have noticed just how much better the K12 handles over the K11?


Enjoy your trip.

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Took the KRS out for a ride a few days, don't know why this bike still amazes me - I love it (the handling, the riding position, looks, etc).


Have been thinking about finding something lighter, but not so anymore - this is THE bike that I will be keeping for a long time.


A tech day (or two), a track day (or two), set of lights and side cases is all "we" need.


Hope your "relationship" with your bike just keeps growing and getting better all the time.

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