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Suggestions for an Emergency Kit for K1200GT


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I have been riding my K1200GT since June, I love every minute. This forum has been a great wealth of knowledge so far, and I check it a couple of times a week.


So far the longest single day trips I have been on are in the 500 mile range, and I intend to do some longer rides this upcoming summer. I was reading a recap of the Iron Butt Rally at the Rick Mayer Seats page the other day, and a subject has popped into my mind - what kind of emergency kit should I have on the bike. He caried an extra alternator belt, and infact had to replace it during the trip.


My question to you fellow K1200GT / RS riders, what should I pack in my emergency kit for long rides? I have zip ties, tire patch kit, CO2 air inflator and some tools. What kind of things go wrong on a GT/RS that can be temp repaired on the road? I assume I need to have some spare hose, what size? Some cable clamps? Any ideas would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance and keep up the great site.


Casey Dillon

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I agree with Ed. It can be quite easy to fall into the trap of Negative Expectations, especially when hanging around a discussion board like this one.


Tire failures are the most common failure regardless of bike model. I carry a can of inflator/sealer because that has proven to be the most effective at getting to where a replacement tire can be fitted. Since that doesn't always produce zero air leakage, when I travel our deserted deserts I also carry a tiny 12V air pump. Never in 35 years, and over a million miles have I been stranded because of a tire failure.


Tie wraps, some electrical wire, and duct tape, along with your statndard tool kit and a sharp knife, will handle the problems fixable at roadside forseeable by Prudent folk. With only two cyclinders on an RT, I carried a spare, already used and proven spark plug.


Given the resonable maintenance your expressed concern suggests you'd do - which includes appropriate cable, hose and clamp replacements - there is no reason to suspect your K-bike will fail you in any way you can fix at roadside. Just ensure you have the tankside fuel quick disconects changed each second time they are operated, and that you do a thorough leak test after service and before embarking on a voyage.


Because of the expressed likelihood of more major K-bike failures, like crown wheel bearings, and my riding in desolate parts of The West, I carry KOA's full coverage towing package.

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After my second experience with cracked quick disconnects in the fuel line, I added a small section of 3/8" hose, a few hose clamps, and a small Crescent wrench along with the Leatherman, duct tape, Fix-a-Flat, and cable ties. smile.gif

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I agree with Ed and Dick. If you made a list of everything everyone says you need to bring, you would be towing a trailer behind your bike filled with stuff you may never need. I think some of the most important thinks you can bring do not require much space such as "common sense", phone numbers for a national service agency such as MoTow and an updated phone list of bmw dealers. Most of these can be found in the manuals which come with the bike or the MOA Anonymous book.


In all the miles I do a year I find the best insurance is keeping the bike and your serviced.



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Even if one did not replace the QD units after every second use as I suggested, wouldn't it be more appropriate to carry an appropriate length of hard plastic tubing to insert in place of the QD units?


Best wishes.

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A few items from mine: sticky rope repair kit + tools, stripped down Campbell Hausfield 12V air compressor, EXTRA FUSES + fuse tester, needle nose locking pliers (can also be used for emergency levers...), duct tape (of course!) wound around a pencil to save space; brass bristle brush to remove corrosion, extra taillight and turn signal bulbs and a Radio Shack mini-ohm meter for longer trips. All of this fits into a VERY small package and the tire repair kit has allowed me to ride home on two different occassions.

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I have some experience with things you can't fix on the side of the road, so here is another list of things to think about taking along:


1. Water

2. Snacks

3. Backpacking type headlamp (LED)

4. Bicycle type strobe

5. Double loop straps for the tow truck operator (4 ea.)

6. Cell phone cord and adaptor

7. A really nice Ashton or Cohiba

8. Single malt (optional) tongue.gif

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Great info on this post folks.


Talk to me about the double loop straps for the towtruck. What are they and where do you get them?

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Pete Peterson

Trinity's suggestion about the stripped down 12v air compressor in dead on... Or go to Walmart and buy a box of CO2 cartridges cause 2 or 3 ain't going to fill a tire...............Regards Pete

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I'll second the first aid kit. I also carry a spare bulb kit. I think BMW is going away from them now, but you can still put one together. I don't think I've ever needed one myslef, but I seem to have supplied them to many other friends and fellow riders. Maybe the rest of their ride was just a bit safer...

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