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Garmin GPSmap 60 series.


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Has anyone on this site been using the garmin 60 series recievers on their bike. I have been doing a lot of research on GPS prior to buying. Garmin is set to release a new GPSmap 60Csx model with micro sd card for memory, upgraded antenna, and another bell or whistle I can't remember at the moment.

Just basically wondering how well this unit will work as a starter for the bike/car.





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Hey Mike,


A buddy of mine has been using the 60C on his bike and it works great. The only thing is that the viewable area is small and their are no voice prompts. Having stated that, it was this machine that enticed me over to the Garmin family. He rides through cities like he has lived there his entire life. At the price and the functions that it offers I would say that it is an excellent entery level GPS.



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I use a 60CS on my bicycle & a 276C on the motorcyles.


While the 60CS is ok on the bicycle, I would find it unacceptable for motorcycle use because:


1. Screen is too small & not nearly as readable in bright sunlight as the 276C.


2. Even when set to highest detail, most back roads are only visible when the 0.5 mile scale is used. While this is barely acceptable for bicycle use, this would not work at higher motorcycle speeds. This means that if you want to view all back roads, you can only "see" about 1 1/2 miles ahead.


3. Route calculation is much much slower than the 276C.


Therefore, unless the new model changes the above, I would not recommend it's use for motorcyles (or cars).

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