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RT gas spill.


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I was headed for Lake Pleasant with mine and a friend’s bikes in my toyhauler. We were taking the trailer up and then would ride the bikes home so I could comeback up the next day with my boat. cool.gif It was a big weekend so I wanted to go up there early and get a good camping spot. smile.gif


The accident was mostly my fault, blush.gif true more often than I would like to admit. I left the fuel door slightly ajar after filling the bike with gas, bad plan. I had smelled gas while I was riding but not when I was stopped and I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. confused.gif I should have spent more time looking I guess. The wood in the floor of the trailer is not strong enough to just use wood screws I knew that because I dropped my dirt bike months before when a tie-down pulled out of the floor. I had replaced all of the screws with bolts through the floor except one set. dopeslap.gif


The bump was a rain gutter, basically, that runs across the road. It is about 3 or 4 inches deep around a foot or so wide and I didn’t slow down enough. dopeslap.gif I didn’t measure it, that is just what it seems like it is. I was doing around 25mph when I hit it. I knew about it I tow across it when I go to the lake for water sports. (Phoenix, AZ, Carefree Highway, West side of I-17 just after/before the highway overpass) The bike was upright less than 1 mile before when I stopped for a bite to eat. After the bump the RT was leaning on my friends ST1300 and there was about a gallon of gas on the floor of my trailer seemed like 30 gallons while I was cleaning it. The RT suffered no damage as a result of this whole incident. On the ST there was a small tear in the rear seat of his bike. I of course have offered to fix the seat but he has yet to take me up on it, the offer remains when he is ready. Since the bikes were loaded one facing forward and one facing aft the fairings didn’t meet, I’m sure that was the only thing I did right when I loaded the bikes. The tie-downs helped to minimize the damage to the ST1300 since the full weight of the RT was not on it.

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