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AZ wildflowers return (Phoenix)

Brant Herbert

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Brant Herbert

It's been a couple years since we've had enough rain, but this year we got some. And the desert is green and blooming as a result. Almost 2 years to the week. Desert Marigolds, Blue Bells, Mexican Poppies, and about every other species that've been waiting for this day to smile at the sun. I rode up the Beeline Hwy (87) north of Mesa this afternoon to check on things, and it looks like that area will return to what we observed back in '01 (See Desert Bloom '01 ). Independent reports (friends taking the day off to go hiking) say that the Superstition Mts. area is also popping. I don't know about the flower situation anywhere else but these couple places to know how widespread it is. In '01 it seemed like the entire southern half of the State was blooming. Maybe we can get some other local reports.


Several people have asked to be notified when the flowers came back again. Consider this your notification! Now, gotta get back out there and enjoy it while it's here laugh.giflaugh.gif (apologies to you in the north who might still be shoveling out your driveway frown.gif )

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Great photos, Brant...


A few years ago I was returning from Tucson via Ajo and I ran thru miles of incredible blooms of flowers. Whoever said the desert looks dead, hasn't been here in the spring!




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