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Outdoor Motorcycle Storage


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Question...So far in my motorcycling career I've had a house and a garage. Soon I'm going to changing that situation and I'll be parking my motorcycle outdoors. Any recommendations on what to do in this situation?

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My bike is parked inside a cycleshell underneath the house. The house is on stilts as I live in the Fl.Keys.

The cycleshell protects against wind rain and salt deposits. It is a great thing to have as I have no enclosed garage anymore for now. My roommate has one too for his VTX.

The website is www.cycleshell.com

No affiliation etc.

I hope this helps thumbsup.gif.

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My 12GS sits outside under a cover. My other bikes have as well. No real issues at all. Since I ride often, it doesn't need a battery tender either.




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I kept my bikes in one of those 10' x 12' tin sheds that you can buy at Sears for a coupla hunert bucks. Worked great.

Don't know what your situation is and if you are able, and have the room to install one, but it's basically a weekend job. I would spring the extra $50 (if I had to do it over again) and buy the one with the gambrel-style roof so I wouldn't bash my head every time I stood up.

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Unfortunately, I have to keep two of our bikes outside right now. I have BMW covers for both of them and it is working out as well as it can for being outside. The covers are very well made (nice ties and grommets for securing the cover). They have been weather proof to date (we have gotten a significant amount of rain in the past month). The only learning experience is to try and point them into the wind as the cover can act like a sail.

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