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Brake light wiring.


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Hi all,


I recently purchased a givi trunk with the extra brake light. My question is, which wires do i connect to. I have searched this site and many others looking for a wiring diagram.





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Connect one end of a wire to the "hot" connector of your bake light. This is the connector that goes to the center of the base of the brake light bulb. Connect the other end of that wire to one of the two wires coming from the round GIVI connector you mounted on the flat backrack that the GIVI case rests on. Connect the other GIVI connector wire to any good ground, and you should be good to go.


If the GIVI connector wire is long enough, you can simply route it behind the seat and down into the tail light assembly. Connect one wire to each of the two male tabs on the brake light socket (one is hot, one is ground) and you're done.

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