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Ideas on Gerbings setups


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The SO bought me a Gerbings jacket liner for Christmas. It came with the hardwire-to-the-battery harness.


Then I picked up a portable temp controller from one of the illustrious members of this board.


Now I'm looking for some ideas on how to set all this stuff up cleanly.

I will be doing Right Spin's Blue Sea fuse block setup real soon so the wiring harness (amongst other do-dads) will go to it rather than the battery.

What I'm looking for ideas with;

1.) doing a clean mount of the hardwire harness plug-in somewhere on the bike.

2.) ideas on where to mount the temp controller so it's a quick "unplug, tuck into the jacket" when I dismount.


At Torrey X, I saw at least 4 riders with Gerbings liners hanging out in front of the Chuckwagon General Store w. coffee on departure morning so I know there's at least 4 ways to do this grin.gif....love to hear any ideas on what you've done that worked out.


Gerbings shipped the wrong size so the SO and I packed up yesterday, and took a drive (in the cage) down to Union, WA yesterday to exchange for the right size. The facility was not what I expected.....more like a garage operation but nice folks cranking out a quality product with service to back it all up.

The drive was stunning at times. The first time we'd been in that neck-o-Washington. Scenery between Tacoma and Union, and the areas surrounding the Hood Canal are awesome.

Oh....they had alot of neat stuff on the sale racks too. thumbsup.gif

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Here's what we do...


We used the Gerbings hardwire plug to go direct to the battery. The other end comes out in front of the rider's seat (between the seat and the tank), and the passenger's plug comes on on the left side of the passeneger seat.


The cord from the liner exists our Roadcrafters through the left hip zipper.


The Heat Controller is velcroed to the thigh velcro on the Roadcrafter.


That works pretty well for us.

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Nearly the same setup as Russell's for me.

My direct wire hookup goes up and plugs into the back of my tank bag via a piece of stiff plastic and a female jack from Radio Shack which then goes on, via a terminal strip inside the bag to power a male jack on the back of the bag as well, into which I plug the Heatroller. Location of same varies with the gear I'm using. Aerostitch it velcro's to the left leg, Belstaff or Airflow stuff, it velcros to the top of the tank bag via a little patch I stuck to the top of the map pocket. The terminal strip inside the bag goes to the front of the bag where pigtails for XM radio, V1 and GPS exit through a small hole punched in the front of the bag. Audio comes back in and feeds through a Sean Daly mixer into my Etymotics ear bud speakers. I'm planning to clean up the front of the bag with a multipin connector and feed through and, hopefully will go Bluetooth for the headset in the near future. Right now, I just connect directly into the mixer with the audio cord but that has proven to be a PITA.

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I picked up the hardwired gerbing temp controller. Mounted it on th e12rt where the radio controls are(dont have radio).


I had the portable temp controller and always left it in my pocket and hated how bulky(dual temp) and how many wires came out of it.


My bike is clean now. two plugs in come out from under the seat and the temp controllers just under my clutch hand for easy access on the fly.


I can snap some shots if interests you....

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Michael Fajans

I have the portable controller velcroed inside my left hand flap pocket. Through large grommets I added on the inside of the leather jacket the wires tie into the heated jacket, the glove connection and the hard wire connector from the battery at the front of the seat. (I have no other auxilliary electrics so I have no need for a supplementary fuse box.) It's very easy even with heavy gloves to adjust either of the two control knobs. When the unit in the leather jacket is not in use the entire unit can be removed or the wires can be withdrawn into a hiding place I sewed into the bottom edge of the jacket's interior. I also added a few pieces of velcro near the ends of the connectors on the heated jacket and on the jacket cuffs and interior so they would stay put when not in use.

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I velcro the controller to the left side of the tank where it meets the seat. I hardwire to the batt. and bring it out in the same area below the seat toward the fwd side.


Miss the old avitar! thumbsup.gif

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As a supplement to the above, unless you are planning on adding lights, I wouldn't bother with the fuse box. All of the other farkles (GPS, XM, etc) draw less than an amp and either have a fuse in their power supply or woudln't be protected by fusing anyway. Keep in mind that fuses are there to protect wires and branch circuits, not to protect components. They do make fine distribution blocks though.

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Or, just use an old cell phone holster. We all have plenty of those lying around. Poke holes as needed to route the cords.

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Have a belt clip....My Gerbings is new too and haven't ridden with it yet but that little belt clip ($10.00 item) is handy...Just out on the bike experimenting and I'm going to clip it on my tank bag, run wires under the bag and plug into dash outlet (K75RT)...Should work well......Wires out of the way and controller handy on right (clutch) side...

First ride with it tomorrow AM and supposed to be cool in So Cal.....



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i hardwired to the battery as others state, but left the plug wire more or less loose, but tucked under the forward seat support. When in use, I attach the portable heat-troller to the tank, just above the seat. This keeps the controller in a handy position, the connection is safe from removal below the rider seat, and when I unplug the jacket liner, the pigtail tucks nicely under the side lip of the rider seat.

I use 3M Dual-Lock rather than velcro for this kind of stuff. Much more positive lock. Only a small tab of the stuff is needed, so it's not particularly visible when not in use.

The photo below shows the position of the controller (although the photo was shot for something else):


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I have the portable dual zone heat controller velcroed to the tank just above the seat. Connection to the battery is via a Gerbings extension. With it at this location I can adjust the temp. of either my gloves or jacket without looking down. If I'm in an area where I don't feel trusting it is simple to detach the controller and stuff it under the seat. The unit has proven to be water resistant up here in the soggy PNW.

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here is a pic of the dual hardwired setup. sorry its bad quality but I can send a better picture yet....


I had the dual portable with th eleather pouch and found it to be annoying with tons of wires coming out of my jacket.


This setup has one wire on the jacket and plugs in near the seat... very clean


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