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Brake bleeding linked system


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OK, thanks to the nice folks who explained the proper way to bleed the linked brake system I now feel confident I can do this myself and save big $$$ instead of taking it back to the dealer. clap.gif Does anyone know of a website where all the special bleed tools can be found,(the syringe and funnel)? I have located speedbleeders site so I know where to get those. My bike is a 02 R1150RT.

Nice folks on this site!! thanks for any help!! thumbsup.gif


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Somewhere around here there are instuctions on building your own.



Or buy one here


The pdf on making a funnel adapter shows two part #s for the top from BMW- one for 2002 and older and one for 2003 and newer. What's the difference?

Then,the DIYmoto site sells a funnel adapter that fits all the years. How can that be if there is two different tops?

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Sorry, I don't remember who posted, but about four or so months ago, there was a post where a fellow used a Mason jar filled with brake fluid, a length of surgical tubing and a clunk (I used a chainsaw filter). It worked very well and I was able to just take the vent tube off the brake res. cap and push on my brake fluid tube. The only problem I had with it was that I quickly found that I needed a vent hole in the lid of the jar because I had a tight fit with the hole I made with a nail and the tubing I was using. After a quick hole was made, the fluid coming from the jar, safely off the side of the bike on a small work table, flowed smoothly and quickly into the resevior. If I bled slow or fast, the fluid ran into the resevior at the same pace. Just to be sure, I removed the caps when done and checked the level. The front was a little low, but that was the first side done and I hadn't made the vent hole yet. The rear was full and didn't need any topping off.


Hope this works for you. If you can't find the post, PM me and I'll get it for you. No problem with it for me. There's nothing wrong with the MiniStan, this just worked for me and I didn't have to hunt down anything special to make the MiniStan.

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Glad it worked for you, but...


I still have some problems with the approach because it relies on a perfect vacuum between the constructed reservoir and ABS unit's reservoir to assure you are always pulling fluid and not air into the system. With the ministan gravity assures you are always pushing nothing but fluid into the ABS unit.

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The people who sell Speed Bleeders also sell a "recovery bag", looks like a colostomy bag, for $3. You can reuse it, or toss it for that price.


I just did an 04 RT flush and bleed last night. The bike's owner had a bit of trouble, even after warning him, he over tightened the rear speed bleeder and broke it off. Fortunately we were done so the bike is ridable, but now he has to order a removal tool, which Speed Bleeder sells, to get the broken one out.


Anyhow, it isn't too bad if you follow the IBMWR instructions, but you will need the BMW service manual to get the correct bleed order since it isn't included with the instructions.


Jim cool.gif

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