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more volume through autocom


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my mp3 player is not very loud at all through my autocom. sound is great, just low volume, so, I'm pretty sure the speakers are placed well.


Autocomusa recommended trying a boostaroo or an inline volume control.

What would you recommend?



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I use the Boosteroo with my XM and it works great. I suspect my low volume issue is due to speaker placement, but I've been too lazy to getting around to tweak them. I took the lazy approach and plunked down the $30 for the Boosteroo.

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Phil, are you aware that the XM has a "software" volume control. You may not need the boosteroo.

Yes John, I've played with it. Even up at 9 the sound is weak. I'm sure it's speaker placement. I intend on reinstalling them some time before the season gets into full swing up here.

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Since trading in my LT I've installed my Autocom in the tankbag side pocket on my R1100S. I am using a Booseroo to double the output volume from my NANO MP3 player. Works fine, batteries last many hrs. I just carry an extra pair of AA's in case they die enroute somewhere.



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