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1/2 a new suspension... wow what a difference


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My stock rear shock was leaking pretty bad after 29k miles so I ordered up a front and rear set of ohlins. The rear came in and the front was on back order so I had the rear installed by itself and took the bike for a ride. All I can say is WOW. The bike handles a whole lot better, the rear end feels very planted. Once the front comes in I'll have the shop do all the dial-in work to get it all setup for my weight.


Now I realize that a lot of the WOW factor may come from the fact that the old shocks were toast. So, I've got my dad's '04 RT in the garage and he's only got 9k miles on it, with fresh Pilot Roads mounted up (same tires as me). Once my bike is done, I can ride them back-to-back and see if I can notice any difference. What I do for science.

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Just my opinion...don't pay the shop to set it up for you. If you're not comfortable installing them, fine...but do the setup work yourself. It isn't hard, and you have to be there anyway (if the shop says they're going to set it up for you without you being there, I'd be VERY nervous.)


In addition to saving some money and doing the job right, you'll get familiar with the adjustments and how they change the way the bike feels.

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Do they have a "setup 101" manual? Mine were tuned to the previous owner (about 100lbs lighter than me) & my manual only gives references (not particulars) to seat height, loaded, unloaded, etc. I think I need heavier springs too.

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The setup is part of their install, so I'm going to let them do it so I can see how it all works. They said I have to be there so that's a plus.


I'll ride it the way they set it until my 1st track day on the RT where I can play with things and really see how they work.

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