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ABS Flush & Bleed of R1200GS - Done!

Ken H.

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I did the fist annual flush and bleed on our '05 GS today. Not too surprisingly the procedure is exactly the same as on the R1150xx series.


BMW does sell this little tool for getting the front reservoir cap to release (Why do they cook up these silly proprietary designs? tongue.gif). But I'm sure there are other ways to push in the little release tabs so the cap will then ratchet off:




You do have to have your "ministan" made with the longer thread "top" that was begun in mid-'04 R1150xx:




Doing the front control circuit:




Just like always seems to be the case on the R1150xx series, there was a lot of air in the rear metering circuit. I did both the control and wheel circuits even though only the wheel circuits are due year one. Mostly because 'you're already there' so to speak.


Doing the wheel circuit, the ministan at work!:




So no real surprises with this aspect of the R1200xx series. clap.gif Ride-on!

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Ken where does one get a "ministan"? It sure looks a lot easier doing it your way than the backward flush I did on the KRS by forcing the fluid backward through the bleeders.

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There were some instructions around here somewhere that give the parts. If not in Jamie & Leslie's original step-by-step threads (linked in the FAQ section) then a 1-year search for "ministan" should show it up. Sorry, I've lost track of the original thread.


It is a slick way to do the wheel circuits though. You just turn on the key and after the ABS pump initializes, crack a caliper bleeder then gently squeeze the brake lever / pedal. The ABS servo pumps new fluid right on through!

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Ken, thanks for the excellent post on this. I'm sure many of us, especially after warranty would like to perform this service ourselves. I did a search in several different ways on ministan and Jamie and Leslie, but was unsuccessful. Any other ideas on how to find the original thread?


Would sure make me happy! thumbsup.gif

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Ken, THANKS! I do appreciate it. I'm a ways from needing it done on my GS, but will file the links in my BMW Favorites folders.


I'm sure I speak for many others in saying that you and your willingess to share are a big help. thumbsup.gif

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