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Splines / Transmission


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Like many others I have been reading the threads about spline problems and I do tend to think that the only thing spline lubrication does is promote smoother clutch action. Most likely spline failure is mostly caused by transmission alignment.


It is interesting to note that the Haynes Service & Repair Manual for BMW 4-valve twins from '93 to '04 states, "On pre 2003 six-speed gearboxes many problems have included excessive transmission noise, difficulty or refusal to change gear, rough engagement when changing gear. All these problems have been addressed with the new gearbox, and the components can be retro-fitted to pre 2003 six-speed models".


I recently spoke by phone to the service department at Iron Horse Motorcycles of Tucson and was told that their shop has seen no spline failures on the '03-'04 models. They also concur that spline lubrication will not prevent spline failure and they point out that spline lubrication is not even a routine maintenance procedure recommended by BMW. So, I say ride and enjoy smile.gif

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