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Dewayne Harkov

Aeroflow Sport for GSA

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Dewayne Harkov

Anyone using short aeroflow on GSA? How much more protection/comfort/noise than stock if any. Planning on long road trip with inclement weather. I have Aeroflow on my R1100RT, after trying others and I think it's the best and very quiet. TIA

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Bruce H

I have an Aeroflow on my GSA and change top screen height between summer and winter. The protection is stellar!

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I'm 6'2" and have not changed the screen on the GSA yet. I do plan on it as my Cee Baileys screen has been one of my favorite add ons for years.


Is the aeroflow too much protection in the summer? I bet it really improves your bubble in the winter.

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You should look at the V Stream by Z Technik.

They are one of the few screens that get wider at the top, not narrower.

In some cases, like others, mirror extenders are suggested.

The Z Technik extenders aren't the greatest. I've used the ones from Twisted Throttle.


Z Technik normally offers several heights and they have an exchange program direct thru them or thru stocking dealers where you can try a screen and exchange it if you don't find it better than what you have or, wrong size.


Hint: most guys choose a screen too tall if not advised by an experienced screen guy.


To get the right screen, you have to sit on the bike and assume the realistic riding slouch we all have wearing your gear or use thin cardboard blue taped to your existing screen to get the height.

Then measure same point as the illustration on the ZT website.


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When I added a Laminar Lip to my GT stock screen I taped tell tales to the top of the screen, set up a strong fan at screen height, and played with various positions.

I got to see exactly what the wind direction/deflection/rerouting


Being a bit taller than average it was important.


I have an Aeroflow Sport screen for the GT.

It does add quite a bit in wet/cold protection but I switched

to a stock RS (shorter than stock GT screen) or a Z Tech short

screen for more airflow in hot weather.

Adding the LLip has stopped the seasonal windscreen rotation for me.


If possible try the fan and tell tale set up to get an idea of the

differences in airflow and select what works for you.

Best wishes.

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