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Brake Bleed (again) Specifically on an '03 RT with "I-ABS" System

Tom R.

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I have attempted to read many previous threads about whether a brake bleed (both wheel & control circuits) is possible as a DIY procedure on an '03 RT.


I first thought it was possible. I ordered the Speedbleeders and bag/hose but then spoke with a BMW Tech who says the '03's have an "I-ABS" system (as opposed to ABS II) which, even if bled properly, will indicate a fault, which can only be reset with the "$25,000 BMW Computer". I was told "the ABS will not function leaving you with a residual braking system". I noted with some concern that specifically an '03 RT (or newer) is omitted from Speedbleeder's part number list.


I found Jamie's thread with the how-to procedure but no specific mention is made of the I-ABS system and the possible need for the computer reset.


Can anyone with specific experience on the '03 with I-ABS shed any light?

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skinny_tom (aka boney)

My '03 was built in late 02. I don't know which ABS system it has, but I bleed the systems when they're due, have never had an error as a result, and everything works just as it did prior to the bleed.


No offense to your dealer or mechanic, but is sounds like the guy is trying to bleed your wallet.


Buy a mini-stan from right-spin and you're good to go. I've never used the speed bleeders, so I cannot comment on their use. I do it just as the BMW service manual states.

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Thanks for your feedback. I hope to hear from more. The best I can determine the "I" in "I-ABS" stands for integrated. Is yours an integrated system?? I thought all 2003's were.

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We're talking about an R1150RT, not an R1100RT, correct?


All R1150RT regardless of model year have the fully integrated ABS system. This system has separated control and wheel hydraulic circuits and must be bleed in a specific way. E.g - Jamie and Leslie's two procedure threads.


The process is easily doable by a good 'shade tree' mechanic. You're dealer is blowing smoke. Dozens of us here have done it on many bikes with no "faults" or other issues.

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