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Battery replacement 2003 1150RT


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I recently acquired a 2003 R1150RT and would like to install a new gel battery. Removed the left side skin but it appears that there is a lot more to do before I can remove the battery. This was a whole lot easier on my K100. Any suggestions?

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Why install a gel battery when you can get an Odyssey pc680 AGM (absorbed glass mat) battery for under a $100? My BMW gel is only 2 years old and for the last month or so has been giving me the alternating blinking ABS lights upon starting up the bike. This is a sign of the battery going downhill. You then have to shut off bike for a few seconds and restart. You will have a hell of a lot better battery with the Odyssey. I ordered one on e-bay from ebcbattery-it was around $80 with the Florida tax and S&H. Don't know about the 1150's, but on my 1100rt (after left tupperware is off), you unhook the rubber strap that holds battery in. Take left hand and slide battery out partways- have your wrench in right hand and undo negative battery terminal nut. slide negative cable off stud. Slide battery out further. Unfasten positive battery terminal nut, slide positive cable off bolt while holding battery up with your left hand. Most people mount the Odyssey sideways with the terminals facing to the left side of the bike-horizontally, not vertically with the battery posts pointing up.

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Don't know about the 1150's, but on my 1100rt <snip>
The R1150RT is the same. From the left side remove the snorkel that is in the way, unhook the retaining strap on the battery, slide it out to the left.


Echoing too your comment that the Odyssey is a much better choice than the BMW Gel.

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In order to remove the snorkel you would remove the cover of the airfilter box by un-fastening the 2 clips to the rear. (what a great time to check the airfilter!) Follow the snorkel toward the front and find and loosen the screw that holds it in position. There is no need to remove the screw. Slide the snorkel up out of the air cleaner box and you’ll have it in your hand. Don’t put the snorkel on the ground near the bike, as you may step on it. You’ll now have access to the battery. Unstrap it and slide the battery out. It might fight you a little, but it will come out.

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