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Accessories for 1200RT


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I posted the following at a different location in this forum and have no replies so am reposting in this location:


Well, here goes. I'm new to this board because I am in the process of ordering a new RT. Have ridden a GoldWing for the last 10 years and before that Yamaha Ventures.


When the 1200RT came out the Wing was the same as history. Just a question of time.


So two questions:


1. I ride with a group that all have CB communication and aren't about to switch to something else. Does anyone have any experience with the J&M Bar mount CB & intercom unit that came out a year or two ago? Any problem getting it to intergrate with the BMW factory radio? Any other problems?


2. I think I prefer a GIVI Top Case. How difficult is it to get the available tail, stop and turn signal lites on the GIVI to operate since BMW went to the single wire system?


I guess last but not least, are any of you former Wing riders and do you regret the switch.

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I have a Givi top case, and have yet to wire the stop light in. There is a guy here that has done it, but the BMW uses a single filamant bulb (causing concerns about bulb life in the Givi IIRC), and varies the voltage to control the brightness. I'm considering just wiring to the tail lights (like the other guy did - don't remember where the thread is), or I might try to piggyback on the switch. My case is a 2 year old 52l, which I find very useful.


I don't have the radio kit, so can't help you there. I bought an Autocomm when they were having the "screamin' deal" sale. Still getting it set up, along with the Tourtech panel, etc.


I did add the aft power port, as mine did not come with one. Pretty easy.


all the best,



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I have a Kappa (same as Givi) top box on my R1200RT. It is wired into the backlight and the only difference from my previous R1150GS is that the tail light on the Kappa is on all the time and gets brighter when the brake is used. The dealer had never fitted one before and speculated that it wouldn't work or that it would overheat. However, I've had none of those problems - but I do have a nice big red back light that shines in the faces of car drivers just in case the bike isn't big enough for them to see.


Good luck with it.



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