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Getting GPS audio to the helmet...


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I am still in the throes of trying to decide which Garmin unit to buy to replace my 276c.


The 376/2730 are the 2 finalists, and I am favoring the 376 for the larger brighter screen, battery, and 'track back' feature, ( not necessary but nice for my hunting trips...).


The 2730 has the appeal of being a dedicated automotive unit, (no useless anchor drag alarms...etc.), and I REALLY like the text to voice feature for keeping the distraction level down, (no looking at the screen to try and see the name of the turn coming up...plus the MP3 and audio(books) capability.


I plan to run the GPS audio thru my Autocom Active 7 intercom, and I am wondering if anyone has used either of the Garmin's to do this...


My question is: Is there only 1 audio 'out' from either unit? And if so does the 'direction' voice 'mute' the XM/MP3/books audio? Anyone know?



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Well, I don't have either of those units, but I do have a Garmin Quest tied into my Autocom and yes the "directions" voice does mute the other things like radio, MP3s, etc. I believe that is a function of the Autocom, not the GPS, etc. The GPS audio (and cell phone for that matter) plug into a jack on the Autocom that gives priority over the music jack and intercom.

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So Tom, which Autocom are you using? I have a new in the box Active 7 Smart that only has 2 input points, both are ( I believe ), 2.5mm jack input points.


If you are connecting the GPS AND music AND phone are you using a 'Y' connector?? If so, when you are answering a call and the GPS decides to give you an upcoming turn warning, does it mute the incoming call??


Geez, biking never used to be so complicated :-)



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Check Autocom's website, they have special Y boxes for different items. I have the Cellphone, StreetpilotIII, CD-MP3 player, V1 Radar Detector and WalkieTalkie all tied together with the Active-7-Smart.

It is very simple, the have a interactive graphic and layout.

Oh by the way the GPS does not mute the music or the cellphone. Just adjust the volume for different items to different levels.

Hope this helps.

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I have the pro-7-sport. It also has to "input points". Yes, I have a "Y" connector for the GPS and phone. One that I bought from Autocom. (okay, actually I'm using the "Y" connector made for music but it seems to work).


I have not been on the phone yet while the GPs is talking. I would imagine I will hear both simultaneously.

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I was running audio from a 376c/xm direct to my helmet, but now have inserted a Pro 7 into the system. Works fine except for a little ground loop ignition noise, but am awaiting an inline filter to get rid of that.


Both the garmin and the Autocom speakers are way low fidelity. still, it beats listening to myself sing by a long shot. ooo.gif


The direction voice does mute the XM but then they are both coming from the same unit.

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Well just to make it a little more complicated, I think it will be a pain to install the Autocom speakers in my Schubert S1 helmet so I have been looking at the ER6i 'earbud' speakers in custom molded ear plugs...guess I will have to call Autocom to get help sorting everything out. Or wait till I get to Daytona and check the vendors...would be nice to have 'tunes' for the ride down however :-)



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Let's get a couple of things straight, here.


First, I believe the original question was about what kind of internal muting that particular GPS does, since it is the sole source for Voice Directions, XM, MP3 and Recorded Books.


That is a separate question from what kind of muting features are incorporated into the various Autocom models. I can't answer questions about the GPS, but I can help with Autocom.


On BOTH the Pro-7 and the Active-7, music will mute 50% whenever the rider/passenger intercom is activated.


On the Pro-7, Music will mute 100% whenever any device that is connected to the Aux port activates (for example, radar, cell, GPS). Music will also mute 100% when B2B communication takes place.


The less-expensive Active-7 does not have this second mute feature.


As to connecting something like the 2730 to an Active 7, it might be a great setup. If the Garmin carries your music etc., and mutes whenever it wants to give you directions, just plug it into the Music port on the Autocom (using the appropriate Autocom isolated cable) and let the GPS do all the muting work. That will still leave your Aux/phone port on the Active 7 available if you want to add a cell or a radar detector, although when they go off you will have to turn down the GPS manually.

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Thanks Fernando, I think I need to look at trading the Active 7 for a Pro 7...or even looking at a Baer unit. It seems to have lots of 'muting' options. If I am going to bother to buy a new Garmin with XM radio I don't want to be groping for the volume control on the GPS in order to see what new emergency has come up at work via the cell phone.

I spend most of my life on 1hr callout and so my riding time is tethered to my cell phone coverage, and if I am out for a ride I need to know the shortest/quickest route to work IF they rattle my chain.



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