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Metzler tyre wear


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Anybody know what I can expect as far as miles or kilometres out of a metzler on the R12RT. I have just under 12K Kls at the mo but im planning a 3k (kls) trip next week.


Thanks in advance.




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Just over 8K miles on Z6s - both front and rear are about done. Front has even wear; rear has flat middle. Most of the miles have been in Florida with a couple trips to the mountains of GA/NC.

Am thinking of replacing the rear with a ME880 for longer mileage.

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To be safe I would get new rubber. The downside of ME6's is they really go fast w/o much warning. You don't want to get caught on the trip you are planning!

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My advise is to never leave for a trip with any questionable components on your bike. dopeslap.gif

New tires will not guarantee a problem free trip, BUT it sure will help to reduce the stretching of the seat fabric from the pucker factor. thumbsup.gif

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i have 9000 on the michelin tires, how do you like the metzler tires, i hope to get 1 to 2000 more, mich,s seem to be wearing good. I run 36lbs front, 42lbs back.

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I present the extreme example - 14,300 on Z6 Metzelers.




Geez, gotta ask you. How do you ride, aggressive, light throttle, twisties, slab or what? I have a pretty new set of Z6's and already I can see they won't last as long as yours have on my 1200RT. What air pressures do you run with?







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