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Russell Day Long


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I've read what the website says but I'd like to hear from those who have tried them ..I can just about flatfoot my 05 R1200RT now with the stock seat in the low position. How much less foot will I be able to put on the ground if I slide all the way up to the tank before stopping..I would be dissappointed if I bought the Russell and couldn't reach the ground well..Thx..

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don't know your inseam but mines 31.5 and in the upper position I can only get one foot down with my russell and that's sliding all the way up.

In lower I can tip-toe both feet.


I've ridden dirt bikes for years and unless it's very gusty windy I really don't sweat this fact.


I normally ride in the upper position by the way, just like the leg angle position better.

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I got my R12RT in September with the low seat, 30" inseam. Coming from an HD with 26 in seat increased height it took a bit of getting used to, but I could just barely flat foot with both feet.

Got the Russel Day Long 4 weeks ago and have now ridden a little over 500 miles on it. I had to learn to stop all over again. I lean just sligthly to the left when I stop and can flat foot just fine with the left foot, this makes stopping just fine and control a lot easier, this I just figured out on the ride to work yesterday. Trying to stop at a light and using both feet on the toes is a little akward.

I like the seat thus far, logest nonstop ride so far 160 miles, with putting a foot on the pavement.

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