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Installed my BMR Co-pilot shelf...


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arrived today and I installed it on the 12RT tonight. 1st add-on of the year ha-ha.


Great piece for my 276C, V-1 and Skyfi. Looks great too.


Also added the sunvisor to my 276.

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My dealer installed mine for free since I bought it from them. It looks like it uses all existing screws I don't think there was any drilling involved, you may want to remove the windshield.

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Very, very easy install...do tale off the windscreen, 6 screws...the rest is very Simple and Neat.


On the Shelf I mounted my 276C, the Skyfi and V1 all in less than an hour.


Two years ago I had a BMR shelf installed on my 04RT at the Spokane Rally..replacing the "other" shelf, which I gave away on the spot....I find the BMR item to be beefier, better designed with the add-ons available and useable.


Again just my .02 folks

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I just got the BMR shelf and will try to get it installed tomorrow. I will post pics even though I only have the XM radio to put on it for now.

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