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how to disassemble 49L top box? (Tutorial in the answers)

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Hello everyone... anyone have any instructions on how to disassemble the bottom half of the topbox? The slidling latch just to the left of the main handle is coming out of the track. Causing latch to bind up. I removed all the screws but it would not come out. Do I have to drill out 2 rivots out to get to back side of latch and remove liner pan? Thanks sure would appreciate any ideas or pictures.



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Hi John,

When I did similar with the side cases on my RT I used the 'exploded' diagram on A&S Microfiche site.

Helped me visualise which fasteners held what in place.


Looks like they do a similar diagram for the 49L, but don't know if it'll help you.

It doesn't seem to show rivets in the parts list.


A&S parts list 49L box

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no drilling needed. There are some screws under the handle that have to come out to free up the inner liner. Of course you can't get a screw driver (actually I think it's torx) in there - you need to use a short bit that you stick in the screw head and then use a 1/4" wrench to turn it. A bit fiddly but doable with patience. Getting it back together is trickier as you've got to get the lower sliding tracks right or it won't grab the rear deck of the bike mount.

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Hey John,

Did you get this resolved?

I have an issue with the latches on the left not sliding at all, and removing all screws from the inner skin, and the two from the handle, as advised in previous post, still didn't allow access/removal.

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Brian Louw

There are two T25 screws and two 8mm nuts under the handle that need to be removed. Not much room to work in there, but you can do it with an 8mm offset ring wrench.

Parts numbers 6 and 11 in the exploded drawing.

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Perhaps this may help. I found myself unable to lock the box and filing down the engaging plates on the lid didnt help - so I took it apart. The above information, notably of Brian Louw was most helpful. I would add the following to help anyone contemplating disassembling the lower half of the 49L.

1. Remove the lid (four screws)

2. remove all screws except the two under the handle.

3. remove the nuts under the handle

4. pull the unit apart (if it doesnt, you may have skipped a screw on the side.

You may need to remove the screws under the handle at this point depending on what you are doing.



Slide the inner lining so the external engaging feet slide through the openings at the bottom (ie away from you with handles close to you)

1. Make sure the two pairs of engagement pins (these are what the lid engages) are set at min (ie. the left and right close to handle and the pair above the handle close together). IMPORTANT!

2. Make sure the traveler on the left (handle towards you) is engaged in the track.

3, Make sure the running rail is BEHIND the lip (this was the reason I had to disassemble the unit). To explain, there are two openings left and right of the handle where the lid engages and each has a plastic tab where the rail must be behind.

4. Make sure the rail is engaged in the locking mechanism.

5. Fasten handles both set to open (use key).

6 Insert screws around bottom (care, dont confuse them for the bolts needed for sides etc.)

7. Fasten lid with four screws into the hinges.

I hope this helps. It really is tricky and needs a video to make clear.

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Thank you, just the information I needed. I did see the torx screws, but for some reason I didn't the 8mm nuts.


My recently aqurired k1200gt fell over in a storm. It appears to be a know issue with mc the sidestand, the mc MUST be in gear to prevent it from rolling forward and tipping over.


Afterwards I could not close and lock the lid properly.


After a complete disassembly I found that the metal prong on the lid was ever so slightly bend inwards. That meant that the locking pins in the lower part of the topbox, could not engage correctly.


After a slight bending outwards of the prongs, it closed and lock again.

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Digging this up to try and help a bit more on the subject.


Yesterday I wanted to clean and lubricate my top case but ended up not being able to lock it after a failed attempt to take it apart. So following Remco's instructions I managed to take it to bits and though I could add to it with some pics.. so here you go. It is a mix of his instructions + my notes + pics:














All the bits


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Hoping to get the box lid painted...

Has anyone removed the lid from 2014 topbox that has central locking, interior light and gas struts? I am guessing that the box liner has to come out to get the lid off to disconnect the struts and electrics?

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The colored portion lifts off without struts, etc. disassembly.


Remove the 49-gazillion screws around the inside of the trunk (including the screws securing the trim around the brake light area) and lift straight up.

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Thanks to all for posting, this just saved me having to buy a new top box. I overloaded mine on a trip this weekend and the left hand locking rail popped out of its tabs and the metal slide came off the plastic rail (as seen on Vini's pic four with the upper left arrow). Everyone told me it was a right off but in fact was a simple repair following this guide. Thanks Again!

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Any suggestions re: how to open a 49 liter to box with the push button unable to depress? It will turn fine with the key, but it simply will not push down at all...

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I know it's been a long while since this thread was started, but I wanted to move my Skene Design P3 lights up to the top case yesterday, and this discussion made it possible.


Much thanks to Remco and Vini for the guidance!!

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Also thanks to Remco and Vini. I was struggling to get mine back together, mainly the traveller, until I saw these posts.

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Hi all, this old thread came in very handy for me today. I appreciate those that provided information. I wanted to take the time and join this group just so I could tell you all thanks. My engagement pins had somehow came out from behind the lip, as Vini and Remco pointed out. Just took me a couple of hours and I am back in good shape. Saved me hundreds if I would have had to place. Thanks to everyone!

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Thanks to Augie for pointing me this thread, and to those who contributed to it, saved me a lot of grief.

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