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TT Xenon (HID?) Headlight


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Anyone else notice that "Coming Soon!" Touratech.com will be offering a Zenon headlight for the 12RT? Unlike the HID replacement bulb kits (discussed in other threads), this is an auxiliary light which appears will mount on the fairing and will be controlled by the highbeam switch. Description is sparse but they do include the price of $443.80. Here's the link: TT R12RT Page


Several other interesting new 12RT specific products from fog lights to a new GPS mount. Let the shopping begin! clap.gif




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Looks like just one on the left side with an available fog light on the right.


Correct, it looks to be the same as on my KTM 640. TT recs that you run one fog, one HID.

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Has anyone seen another source for auxiliary HID lights (ie. add-on lights as opposed to bulb replacement systems)?


Also, I've yet to see HID used for fog lamps. Anyone know why? I really like the concept of HID (high efficiency, filament-free bulbs for long life) and the turn-on-delay for HID wouldn't seem to be a problem for fog lamp use (as opposed to high beam applications).




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The TourTech units appear to me to be the Hella Micro series HID (not to be confused with the Micro regular/hi intensity) - with a TourTech added machined mount for 1 Micro.


The Micro HID's "should" fit in front to the oil cooler under the fairing - and the "doubles" would light up the sky.


The install is done with relays - separate for each side - and direct-to-battery to avoid the Canbus issues.


Relays could be keyed to hi-beam or separate switch.


Cat's meow...but pricey.

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