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Fuel consumption on the Kbike?


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Recently picked up a 92KRS (k100).. lotsa fun. I love it...


But the mileage jjust seems to be a bit on the steep side.. I have only tanked it up 3x's, and am running in the low 30's in mileage/gallon.. Todays' clocked in at a scant 31.33mpg. gggeeeezz... I thought my R1100rt was bad--get around 38-42, depending on how hard I ride..


That said, I tned to really wind the KRS a LOT. Generally doubling the speed limit on the way home from work, pretty regularly.


But is this kind of mileage in line??? confused.gif

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I have a 92 K75s. I get 45-48 MPG on the Hiway (50+ on non-oxygenated gas)but if I do a lot of stop & go traffic it can drop down to 38-40 MPG.


That said, 31-33 MPG for a K100 seems a little low. Although the 92s run analog fuel injection, I think it's called L-Jetronic, the K100 may have had a different version but basically they have no oxygen sensor so they run a single fuel mapping program based on engine load & rpm. There is a second fuel mapping program for High altitude (Above 4000') that is activated by installing a plug into the fuel injection harness.


With that said, you might start checking your tune up specs, check for vacum leaks, dirty spark plugs, air filter, things like that.



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You should be doing better. My 89K100RS would get 33 pulling a trailer, 38-42 playing in the mountains, and a high of 52 once when I was running at an even 65. Check the spark plugs. There is a crankcase breather hose to the airbox hidden behind the intake tubes that tends to develop a crack every 3-4 years. That can cause a mileage problem.

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I have a '04 KRS w/ 11,500mi. in 6mos. of ownership. I never get less than 39 mpg. Most time avg. 44-47mpg. Roll off your right hand for a while before you think there is something wrong with the bike.

Bruce C

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Dennis Andress

I have a 91 K100 RS which is no longer useable....


A good tank would bring around 40 mpg, 35 was not unheard of. The bike was chipped and had a Remus though....


A few things to check out:

  • Check for vacuum leaks around the throttle bodies.
  • Look for gas stains where the intake stubs join the head. The little O'Rings under there do go bad.
  • Find the crankcase vent hose and make sure it's not torn.
  • My thermostat wouldn't stay completely closed causing the enginge to never reach operating tempature on cold days.
  • Check the TPS. Measure with an Ohm meter while working it through it full travel looking for bad spots in the resistor. With the ignition on measure from pin #3 - the inboard one - of the TPS to ground for .380 VDC.
  • There's an CO2 adjustment screw on the front of the electrical box. Make everything else right then have a shop adjust this.
  • Changing the water temp sensor, the one forward on top of the engine - you have to remove the radiator to get to it - made a big difference.

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That said, I tned to really wind the KRS a LOT. Generally doubling the speed limit on the way home from work, pretty regularly.

Well there's your problem. For comparison sake, pull it into the highest gear and run 5 over the limit for a whole tank of gas. If I'm just cruising on the highway at 65-70 MPH my '04 K1200RS gets 49 MPG.

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