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CeeBaileys Windshields & Kappa Speakers...


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It's a two-fer!


First, any guidelines on how much "plus" to add on the windshield? As I understand it, the C.B. adds greater protection, even in the stock size, so how do you determine how much to add? (other than buying one of each)


Second, I'm considering upgrading the speakers to Infinity Kappa components. Any warnings/suggestions?

I actually use the speakers, so output & quality matter.




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Since Ceebailey offers the options on dimensions - it's easy to get uncertain.


I think CeeBailey is great - had (2) shields for my 1150 winter/summer - and have a winter shield on my 1200RT.


Unlike the 1150, the 1200RT windshield curves, so the actually dimensions are increased plex height and width.


Height - take a look at your stock shield height, and decide for yourself how much higher would be good for you. CeeBailey adds a curved flip - but the overall height increase (lets say 3") becomes a effective hieght increase of about 2 3/4". For me, for colder riding my 3" incrwae was about right for my seat postion/riding position/height.


On the width - the 1200RT shield curves back at the edges. My 4" increase in "width" really isn't a full 4" wider (because of the edge curve on the design) but came out nicely.


The CeeBailer plex material (same as in aircraft) is GREAT, and for the 1200RT is more substantial than stock and does not shake as much at idle as the stock shield.


When fitting a CeeBailey on a 1220RT - some early users reported the "holes" in the CeeBaily were not in correct position - and that is/was untrue. Tere was even a post about a guy using a roto-tool to change/shape the mounting holes which was really off-base.


On mounting a CeeBailey to a 1200RT, you put one side on first, then press/tension the shield to spread the shield left-right and then mount the other side when it lines up.

This means the Ceebailey is mounted under minor tension left/right which is the way it was designed and one of the benefits of the CeeBailey aircraft grade plex material and precise cut/design.


Have fun with it ! smile.gif

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I had the same concern about how to order the "right sized" Cee Bailey. I was at a dealer's open house last month and they had a Cee Bailey on the shelf. The dealer parts guy took it over to one of the 1200RTs and had me sit on it as he held it up against the stock. It was perfect and he had a 20% off coupon, too.

The only problem is if I need to replace it, I will have to send it back to Cee Bailey and have them duplicate it. I don't have a clue how much wider and higher it is than stosk. I just know it has great coverage and about 3 mpg less than the stock.

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