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R1200ST Battery Querey


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Looking for advice on battery charging. I havent used my bike for the last 6 weeks and only got it out of garage today to prepare for use again. My only excuses for not using bike are weather(icy conditions) work and family!!Have gone through cold turkey but now its time to put up the miles.

The battery is low (I have a BMW alarm fitted and it has been on-insurance regulation to have it on when bike not in use)

Head light weak and when ignition turned on it flashes and there is a beeping noise. Also when I turn alarm off it beeps three times the same as when it arms itself.

I havent tried to start the bike. I do have an optimate charger and I have put this on bike to charge battery.

Is there anything I should be aware of or careful about or can I just charge battery as per my other bikes?

Any tips welcome. thumbsup.gif

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Not sure of what an Optimate charger is, but I have charged my battery on my ST with a auto charger on 2A setting with no problem. Just connect directly to the battery. Sorry to report with an unusually nice day yesterday at my location, I charged my battery the old fashioned way with a ride. smile.gif

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Definitely connect directly through the battery, not through the power port. You need a special charger to do that, and I don't think it even works if the battery is run down. The ST has a 'canbus' electrical/computer-type thing it which makes tapping into the wiring more complicated.

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When not riding my ST, and at home, it is always plugged ito my Battery Tender Jr..directly to the battery, as was my R1150R for the 4 years that I had it, battery was as good as new when I sold the R1150R.

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Thanks to everyone who replied. I wired the Optimate direct to battery overnight, everything is now back up and running.I have used the Optimate on my other bikes but just wanted to make sure there were no issues with the BMW and it's computer.

Regarding leaving the Optimate on all the time when bike is in garage I'm not sure that it is always good even though the instructions suggest this. I had a situation a couple of years ago on my Kawasaki when I dried out the battery and damaged some cells. This was a period when I was not using the bike, I dident keep an eye on battery condition dopeslap.gifand the electolyte level went low and the battery went in the bin.

Anyway all's well now and it's back to charging it the right way on the road thumbsup.gif

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