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seat comfort


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Comfort is a relative thing so it's difficult to know how comfortable others are with their seats..I have an 05 1200RT that has the stock seat..I tried using my airhawk seat cushion but I don't like the way it moves around and raises me off the seat so I've found that even though I lose a little foot on the ground I much prefer to just use the seat in the high position without the seat cushion..I wasted so much money on other bike seats and I don't want to just start switching seats..I'd like to know if any are satisfied with the stock seat on the R1200RT and how it compares (specifically) to other seats..Thx..

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My take on the r12rt seat is its not as good as a goldwings seat, better than the 03 1150rt stock seat & lightyears ahead of the 05 12gs seat. I did a five hundred mile day with little dicomfort. The heat option is keeping me from looking at the aftermarket, I like the handlebar controls for the heat. I had a sargent on the 03 & loved it.

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Hey Billy, my stock seat seems to be doing better, i took gel pad off, now only use sheep skin, seems to be breaking in and getting better, i am afraid a aftermarket seat will raise me up to much, 9000mi, will stick with stock and see what happens. thumbsup.gif

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Hey Billy


You should be out riding....


Louise and I went 6000 miles with the stock seat....we used the Alaska sheep skin thing...I forgot the name, but it helped.....I also had that backrest.....I now have a Corbin seat and we"re heading out Tuesday for about 3000 miles in 7 days I'll give you a report when we get back.



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