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Clank-Clank reduced - with a great dealer, what's my next step?


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The question to the board - how do I contact and followup with BMW directly on a problem with my R1200RT that my dealer (who I LOVE) can't take of ?


I have a metallic "clnk'clank" which might be better descirbed as a metallic slapping noise specific to the lower left side of the engine. Most moticable at lower RPM's (1400-3200 rpm) either on the wind up with single riger load, or on downshift to lower gears under light load (short of "lugging" the engine).


I had my dealer ten days ago replace the left side cam tensioner at 350 miles (I paid for the part, he took care of the labor, since righteously they did not feel BMW would pick up as a warranty item).


My is a May '05 production RT, and the replaced cam tensioners was the same/correct most recent/updated construction.


At the same time they did the 600 mile service early (with my promise to ride the shit out of the bike) with the noice (which we had hopefully thought was a cam tensioner issue) with the thought the lighter weight breakin oil was part of problem, and the correct regular oil would help the tensioner pump-up. They also checked end-play and checked valve adjustment - which were on spec.


The work maybe reduced the noise 10%-15% - which my suspicion is in the realm of wishful thinking .


The tech who did the replacement said the repacement/drop-in went fine - I wish I was there to see if there was any evidence of "binding" with inside tolerance or perhaps under tolerance on the cam tensioner hole. However, the tech is good, and if he saya was OK, he is reputable.


My issue is this - the dealers '06 with 60 miles has somewhat the same noise, but to a NOTICABLE lesser extent, like 70%-80% less.


On my bike this specific noise - which can be heard off the bike by anyone listenig to the bike who has been described what to listen for.


My dealer - who I love - has to classify the noice as "normal for a new RT". My belief is they have to say/think this since chasing this any further will involve a tear down and I think BMW warranty system will hassle them about this as a "customer problem, not a bike problem". The dealer has said nothing negative about BMW, but I infer from this board and other sources that major warranty work kicks in after major breakdown - and just to chase a mysterious noise, which may or may not be characteristic for my bike.


In my mind is NOT a regular BMW engine noise, since it is metal metal, and since it is associated with a specifc area of the engine. Other than this noise the engine seems tight.


The causes now could be possibly the counter-rotation unit, or possibly bad cam chain, shit like that means tear down.


I has a R1150RT which I bought from the same dealer at 9K miles, and a K75T whiner from same dealer that I bought in very good original shape that I brought up to rideable pristine (the "whiner").


I am not a one of the "anal prone" riders that yes we do have as BMW rider's, I am also not one of the "ride every day and put on 70K" riders we have either.


Sure the bike was a chunk of change, a check for little less than $17K loaded. But I one 3 Mercedes, and I date a date 22 year old Brasilian models, so I am used to "pay to play".


I LOVE my dealer - we live in Northwest Arkansas, and these guys are good friends, and they all started part time 15 years ago with their own money, and built a busines that is self-supporting today selling ONLY BMW dedicated to keeping their loyal customer base and in spite of the fact our market area they can't pump out a huge # of new bikes.


How/who do I take this up the pole to BMW, and NOT cause any bad splashback to my dealer ?


Help...help... help.


Thanks ! dopeslap.gif

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Regarding the noise... you should try to be really objective about it and be sure that it is not an over-sensitivity on your part (which would certainly not be unusual or unexpected for someone with a new bike!), but if you are certain that your bike is much louder than others then you should have the situation resolved to your satisfaction, and your dealer should be out in front helping you -- not charging you (even parts only) for what should be warranty repairs. If your dealer won't support you in your quest you might have a difficult time getting BMW corporate to take you seriously.


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Your dealer should have a BMW rep. that they can get talk to and find out what is going on and what can be done. Ask them for his name and phone#, talk to him yourself, if the bike only had 300mi on it you should not have to pay for anything, sounds like dealer is giving you runaround and B/S.

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Are you sure the clanking sound is not the clutch? Try pulling in the clutch lever while idling and see if it goes away.

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Perhaps if you loaned me one of your 22 year old Brasilian models the noise would go away! grin.gif

I'd be willing to make the sacrifice, just for you! clap.gif

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