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Fooling ECU @ K1200S


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I have LeoVince slip-on. After changing exhaust you should reset the ECU. You should disconnect the battery for a while. When connecting the battery you should turn the ignition on and three times turn to full throttle and off and after that turn the key off.


Does the ECU calibrate the throttle scale at that resetting. Why should it be twisted three times to maximum, if it doesn't read the area where the potentiometer goes. Why wouldn't it just be resetted automaticly when the battery is disconnected? After resetting would it keep that info about throttle scale? I it will, then the map ecu has will think all the time you are using more throttle than you really are and it will run richer - i suppose.


In those air/fuel-ratio maps in closed loop mode parameters are load and rpm. Typically, as i have seen, with bigger load the A/F is smaller in the same rpm. Where the ecu gets the parameters for that load? I think that a part of it is throttle position. If it thinks it's bigger load than actually is, then it runs richer. It's not in the same point in fuelling map, so the ecu doesn't adjust with o2-sensor it at "right" point and it will run richer.


In this image you see quite opmimal A/F-ratio:



For pollution reasons etc that A/F is propably adjuster mostly over 14 in KS.


I did disconnect battery over night. Next day i connected it, turn the ignition on and made that trottle-procedure three times to 2/3 of maximum.


Bike felt better, run smoother, responsed better and didn't surge. Only at idle or very low load there wasn't any difference. I have tested this couple of times with resetting and doing that trottle-procedure for full and again 2/3 trottle. I noticed the difference.


In that A/F-ratio picture you notice, if the bike gets more load (trottle)in the same revs, it will also adjust mixture to richer. The result is, that it will pretty much run richer all the way except iddle and very small trottle.


This worked with my bike. That resetting time is unclear. Under 20min it's not likely resetting. At least it works, if the battery is disconnected over night.

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throttle-procedure three times to 2/3 of maximum.

Well it's an interesting theory. In theory you would be compressing the calibrated throttle range vs. the internal fuel map. One would have to chart the bike with a exhaust gas analyzer to determine for sure what effect the approach is having on A/F ratio vs. the official way of calibrating the throttle.


One question, what does the bike feel like when your ride it beyond 2/3 throttle after doing this?


In theory once you exceed 2/3 the mapping would start to return to original as the higher TPS voltage (what you are calibrating to) would be seen by the Motronic and the fuel deliver curve would be widened out so to speak. The curve is not static. E.g. It is not only learned once during the initial 'training.' It will adjust to the total TPS voltage range seen over time. That is why riders who don't know of the procedure, over time after a battery disconnect the bike still learns the factory fuel delivery map to throttle position. The 'training' procedure only speeds up the process.

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One question, what does the bike feel like when your ride it beyond 2/3 throttle after doing this?


Today i did ride over 300km and didn't notice any change. I used full throttle quite often. If it will change after while, it didn't do it today. Let's see, but so far it feels like it stays like that. I have over 23000km on my KS now, so i'm pretty much familiar with the bike and notice the difference.


Well, anyway it's free to try and every necessary tools are under seat.

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I did very much the same thing, and got similar results.


I reset the TPS normally and have ridden 70,000 happy, good performing miles.


Best wishes.

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Sorry my dear bear belly love,but did you reset your ecu under 2/3 that maximum movement or asomething under.
I ain't yer any kinda Love, and surely not nobody's "bear belly", or "beer belly" one.


But, I did "re-trim" the TPS at 2/3 throttle opening. I was more interested in throttle response than performance increases, and had no concern about enrichening since I made no changes to the bike's equipment. I simply wanted to see if I could get more "activity" for less throttle opening. I did, barely, but some over-righness showed up too. I didn't investigate mixture change with any instruments.

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