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XM radio and mount for my R1150RT


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I have seen an xm radio mounted on a 1150rt and it was a slick mount. The mount was attached to the handle bar and the wiring and antenna were also a very neat job. Could not find the owner to ask him about it.

Does anyone out there know what the radio model is ? I think I saw a mount on the Gadget guy web site? Anybody done one or have info about the mount, etc. Any advise or information would be appreciated.


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I have the Roady2 with the Roady holder and a Ram Mount. Works very well on my RT. When I am not riding, I switch it to my truck and enjoy the XM programming. This was the only way I could justify the monthly program cost.

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Ernie, That is exactly what I have in mind. Thanks for the info. and reference to the location to get what I need.

Your help is appreciated !!!


Mat in Susanville smile.gif

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The XM Roady mount is great. However, be prepared to buy another one in about a year. I think the roady gets shaken pretty hard. Luckily they are about 30.00 now. Just FYI.

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