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Out go the lights!


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Taking off the other night to a local beemer club meeting, I suddenly lose my headlight. Not only that, but the tail light, running lights and dash lights. Turn signals, brake light and RID worked. Nothing else. Luckily, I was still close to home and managed to get back with out further problems. After looking for obvious causes and doing a search of previous experiences on this board, I checked all fuses, relays and reachable wiring. All checked good. Took switches apart. All good. High beam will work when using "flash to pass" but not otherwise. Pulled left and right tupperware off and checked wires and connections. All good, but still no power to lights. Except! when key turned all the way to "Park" position. Then I get my running lights back.

Mental light bulb finally goes on.

Pulled nose cone to get to plug connector from ignition switch. Found the problem. The ignition switch. When key is turned to starting position, power is being supplied to all wires but the ones for lights. The 58a and 58e wiring positions on the ingnition switch are dead. Sheesh! A lot of work to track that down. On the plus side, I can clean up some wiring and do that canisterectomy I've wanted to do now.

I guess I'll have to get the shop to change out the switch since it seems to be installed with tamper-proof bolts.

Anyway, just wanted to share that little adventure in case someone else has the same symptoms someday and does a search for answers.

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