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fairing discoloration


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An RT currently on ebay is described as having "very minor heat related discoloration on underside of fairing next to tailpipes, but it is only visible from the underside of the bike." The owner says that it is in the fairing "pocket" where the exhaust comes out of the engine. I've had a couple of RT's and not noticed this on mine. Is this a common problem that I should be concerned about? Thanks for any input.

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I've read that if the RT/RS is allowed to idle too long while parked, the exhaust pipes can become hot enough to damage the tupperware surrounding the engine. Those of us that start the engine and then drive away don't have this problem.

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Jerry Johnston

I agree with Ken. If they're just slightly discolored it could even be done by someone syncing the Throlle bodies with too little air passing over the cylinders.

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