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Base Camp update


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Base Camp 4.1.2 is now available. 4.1.2 supposedly fixed some issues --


Fixed an issue with Basestation mode.

Fixed an issue where BaseCamp would not remember the positioning of the toolbars correctly.

Fixed an issue where the Custom POI symbols from POI files where incorrect.

Fixed an issue with the address search.

Fixed an issue where refreshing a search was using the last location on the map, not the current one.

Fixed an issue where Cutting (Ctrl-X) a photo on a device would delete the photo and prevent the user from pasting it.

Fixed an issue with some Asian language map products.

Fixed an issue with deleting track points.

Fixed an issue with route creation in a folder.

Fixed an issue where the hand tool was not always set as the default tool.

Fixed some menu inconsistencies between find results, context menus, and map popup menus.

Changed translations of Walking and Hiking activity profiles in Dutch.

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